Lake Forest Photography Studio

Welcome! My name is Carrie. I have a love for anything and everything that happens in front of and behind the lens of a camera. I photograph the couples, weddings, families, newborns, babies, children, seniors and the talent of Kansas City! 

All About Me!

I have always been a lover of the outdoors. It was very important to me and my husband Brandon that we raise our 3 children in a place where the accessibility to nature is never out of reach, so we picked up and moved out of Olathe, KS and into The Lake of the Forest just outside of Bonner Springs, KS. What inspires me the most is my children. I love watching them explore their world and engage in it in their own very unique ways. The Lake of the Forest provides everything that both my husband and I loved so much as children – a lake for swimming, a dock for diving, woods for exploring and open fields for running. I pull my inspiration from them everyday and I am constantly reminded of how so very lucky I am. Everyday I wake up next to my best friend who supports me in everything I do and I go to sleep every night thanking God for blessing me with 3 of the best children that have ever lived!


My History

meMy passion for photography started in college. My focus and passion was in ceramics with a concentration in sculpture. Just like in sculpture, there is a strong emphasis on the aesthetic and discovering the beauty in form as there is in photography. I was and still is a strong believer in foundation. True beauty and art comes from the inside and the challenge is  finding the right set of tools and materials to best express and reproduce that beauty in subsequent form.

As a student in my spare time, I would volunteer to model for other photography students in the art department. I felt that spending time in front of a camera was an integral way for me to learn how to learn from the opposite side of the lens. Sometimes when in front of the camera, what you THINK will look good ends up not working at all. The best way to help the person you are photographing  is to put yourself in their place. Spending many hours in front of someone else’s camera was just as much – if not more – of a learning experience that being the photographer.

My Photography

farronI believe that in my practice, limiting myself to one form of expression is to limit  my ability. Photography is one of my more beloved expressions of art and form. Beginning with a vision, and then using the eye to capture their subjects true essence and personality is a wonderful challenge.

I feel a successful photo shoot is a combination of many things. A good attitude, strong vision and  desire to capture the subject’s true beauty, essence and personality. As cliche as it might sound, a persons eyes (if captured at the right time and mood) can express a persons true self better than an outfit,  accessory or setting. Bringing all of those things together is the trick and the magic of producing an unforgettable image.