01 Dec Kansas City Photography Studio Changes Names

New Name, New Location, Endless Possibilities!

HiQue Photography is now Lake Forest Photography

Children's Photography - Kansas City

Children’s Photography – Kansas City

I am excited to announce the changing of names of my photography studio! What was once HiQue Photography is now fondly referred to as Lake Forest Photography Studio. My family and I are currently in the process of moving and therefore changing my photography studio location. My studio started in Olathe, Kansas. I used to shoot photography in and around the Olathe area including the local parks, lakes, client homes and fields. This was all good and fine, but I was CONSTANTLY looking for next bigger and better location to better capture my subjects and their unique personalities. Although I will still be visiting downtown Kansas City, the West Bottoms of Kansas City, Loose Park and the Historic River City Market for my more urban themed Kansas City photography, my more natural and wooded photo shoots will now be much better and incredibly improved at my NEW location!

Along with a new look for the logo, I am also announcing my ENDLESS photo opportunities for amazing outdoor natural wilderness photography in Kansas City. At our new location in Lake of the Forest near Bonner Springs, KS, I can now offer easy access to photography by a lake, on a dock, in tall grass, on a rustic fence, on a golf course that offers acres and acres of green grass for wide open shots, gravel roads, and really anything you could possibly think of when it comes to outdoor photography at it’s finest.

New Location = New Logo for Kansas City Photography Studio

lake-forest-photography-logoWith the new location comes an entirely new logo to match my vast outdoor photography opportunities. To the right, I present my new “Lake Forest Photography Studio” logo. I am so excited to share this and look forward to showing off my new digs!!!

Kansas City Outdoor Photographer for ….

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