Kansas City Lifestyle Photographer

Lifestyle photography holds a different meaning to each and every photographer. Lifestyle Photographer is the art of capturing life’s most precious moments, extracting beauty from the everyday…capturing of real life moments. With lifestyle photography, oftentimes the subject doesn’t even know they are being photographed! Because of this, a photographer can capture genuine expression and manner.


What Lifestyle Photography Is Not

Lifestyle photography can oftentimes be more challenging than a more “traditional” photo shoot. With traditional photography, you can usually count on fake smiles, and organized posing. Granted, many of the photographs that come from a traditional photo shoot can be absolutely gorgeous, but again – it is a TOTALLY different approach and / or style of photography.

Lifestyle photographers capture the magic of the everyday, the mundane, and the precious moments that make up the beauty of  “life.” Lifestyle photographs are the moments that catch you years later thinking, “Oh wow, I remember that!”. It is all about expression and emotion, and how we live and love.

Preparing the Family for a Lifestyle Photography Session

farron-lifestyle-4.A lifestyle photography session will take longer than the more traditional photography session. Instead of meeting at an agreed upon location, I might just hang-out at your house for a while – looking for those “moments,” or maybe you and your family decide to go and do one of your favorite activities…like bowling, miniature golf, or stopping by your favorite food joint for a family meal!

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