20 November

About This Project

Olathe, KS Children’s Photo Shoot

Just the other day, I said that it was one of the most PERFECT days in March I had every seen. Then, the next day, at an outdoor photo shoot at Heritage Park in Olathe, KS – the day was even better! There was a soft, balmy breeze and the sky – a magnificent shade of blue. I was excited when I was asked to shoot Ms. GiGi, a sweet and adorable 11 year old girl.

She picked out a stunning green sundress with a multi-color floral accent. The contrast between the still yellowish color grass, and her brilliantly colored dress was striking. I haven’t quite decided if it was my new 85mm lens that made the final outcome so stunning, or if it was GiGi and her love for being the subject matter of the lens!!! I think it might have been a combination of both!

Check out a few of our final shots below!