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Love at First Sight – Sarah & Nate

Love this guy and gal! They were so cute!!!! It was nice to hear that there was another couple out there that knew it was “meant to be” within the first 3 months! You could TOTALLY tell!

They decided that they wanted their couples photo session in the City Market of Downtown Kansas City. It was a very overcast day, but Sarah made sure to pick out outfits that would burst right through all of the gray of the day!

First, we took some shots in the City Market. Nathan picked up some orange mini-roses, and they made for the perfect prop! Even though we lost them somewhere half way through the session, we captured some great photographs with them.

Then we ended up on the River Market pier that stretches nearly halfway across the river. With the sun setting on the hazy mist and fog, we captured some pretty spectacular romantic shots.

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