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Red on Red Photoshoot

For a creative photography class I am currently taking, we were give the assignment to choose a color and portray it with our photography. I chose the color red. The decision was easy for me. The autumn trees were changing from greens to reds, I had just found a beautiful red dress with red tulle accents at a local 2nd hand shop, AND I had a beautiful red-head that needed some headshots! It was almost like it was meant-to-be!

After driving around southern Olathe, KS for 3 hours looking for autumn trees that were still red, I hit the jackpot. I was very relieved, as I thought I would never find any!

To make the end result even more strikingly red, I added a 12 foot red tulle train to the back of the red dress for photo-shoot! I thank Ms. Alyssa Howell for being such a good sport. Little did we know, the photo-shoot would involve trekking through a quarter mile of a harvested corn field. OUCH!