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20 November

Art, Miscellaneous
About This Project

Prom Photography with Best Friends

I am very excited to shoot some pre-prom photographs in Lee’s Summit, MO this weekend! This is a new one for me, but I am totally pumped. What could make a better photo session than beautiful prom dresses, perfect springtime weather, and some repeat customers!!! A trifecta of perfection!

I wish my mother would have thought about doing this when I went to my senior prom. One vivid memory I have though, that I would never have if I didn’t have mom as our resident photography expert, was her backing up and backing up to get the PERFECT shot – and then falling off of the small drop-off in our backyard. And yes, I did laugh, but I made sure she was alright before I started my laughter. As much as I treasure this memory, I really with we had some better pictures of our prom dates and dresses, but I guess a picture of the sky and landscaping and a few pictures of us will suffice!

Stay tuned for some pictures from our prom photography session tomorrow, and now I will go knock on wood – and hope to keep my footing at the shoot tomorrow.

Need a prom photographer and in the Kansas City area?

Give me a call, or text me at 913-850-8827.