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Overland Park Wedding & Reception Photographer

This cute couple decided to ‘tie the knot’ at a cute little event center in Overland Park, KS. Having both the wedding and reception at the same venue makes preparation and event planning a total breeze…ok, well – not THAT easy, but definitely easier. The Midwest Premier event center had everything to make photographing this beautiful event extremely convenient! Once sector of the center was used for the wedding, and an adjoining room was transformed into a quaint reception center – just enough space for the 50+ event goers.

As a wedding photographer, outdoor bridal party and family photography is so very important! Unfortunately, the Midwest Premier event center didn’t have much to offer for outdoor wedding portraits. ¬†I really wanted more options for some outdoor shots, but we made due with a small grassy area just outside the center. I used the one mature tree that lived in that grassy area as the group and family photography backdrop. The center had a few decorative lounge chairs in the reception area, so I managed to drag a few of them outdoors to make the shots more interesting.

In the end, I captured some pretty amazing shots from the wedding and the reception – and hope to be invited to shoot their many anniversary’s to come!

If you are in search of a wedding and/or reception photographer in the Overland Park, KS area, give me a call at 913.850.8827 to set-up a consultation!