Kansas City Wedding Photographer

kc-wedding-photographer-lakeYour wedding day will be one of the most treasured and important days of your life. Making sure this special day is documented and memorialized is absolutely mandatory. As a wife and mother, sharing these memories with my family and loved ones is something I truly cherish and enjoy. Watching my children’s faces light up with wonder and fascination as we pour over the wedding album is almost like reliving the day over and over again through different eyes.

“Being invited to help another couple create these forever moments is something I truly treasure.”

All of my wedding packages come packaged with an engagement photography session. As it is not required, it is simply a service I like to include in all of my Kansas City wedding packages.

Lake Front Wedding Photography

Kansas City Wedding Photography NatureLake Forest Photography Studio is located in Bonner Springs, KS in the beautiful and historic Lake of the Forest community. Because of where I am located, my focus leans more toward natural setting weddings and couples looking to really integrate the beauty of the outdoors as their backdrop.

The Lake of the Forest offers a beautiful venue for those Kansas City area couples that are really looking for something different and unique. Most people in the Kansas City area do not even know that this location even exists! Just 15 minutes outside of Kansas City and only a few miles up the highway from The Legends shopping area lives the Lake of the Forest community. The community boasts a small picturesque spring feed lake, multiple homes you can find in the Historic Registry of Kansas, rolling hills hosting lush mature trees as far as the eye can see, bridges and docks, gravel roads and a gorgeous clubhouse that sits lakeside. It is really one of Kansas City’s hidden treasures for couples looking for a truely magical wedding experience for both the wedding party and wedding guests.

To learn more about Lake of the Forest Weddings, you can follow this link.

To book a Lake of the Forest Wedding, you must first contact Sandy – your friendly wedding coordinator at the Lake of the Forest. Once you have scheduled your appointment to tour the clubhouse and grounds, you can give me a call! I can either meet you at the clubhouse for your initial tour or you can schedule another time to come up to my studio to go over your wedding day plans and details.

Traditional Kansas City Wedding Photography

kansas-city-wedding-photographerI also offer my photography services for a more traditional wedding setting. If your wedding plans include your families church or place of worship or maybe your favorite Kansas City area park or garden, my wedding photography services expand outside of Lake of the Forest.

My wedding photography services start with a consultation with the bride, and whoever she chooses to bring along with her. During the consultation, we will discuss your entire day, from getting ready to your final departure from the reception. After our initial meeting, I will take everything we had discussed from my notes and compose an event schedule document.

Pre-wedding consultation questions:

  • How did you and your groom meet?
  • Where is the wedding? Where is the reception?
  • Have you designated anyone to be the “family gatherer” when it is time for group pictures?
  • What are your top 10 “must haves” when it comes to moments we need to be sure to capture.
  • What is your budget?
  • How many guests do you plan on having at your wedding?
  • Do you want pictures taken indoors / outdoors, or both?
  • Do you have a color scheme for your wedding?